• Preview website online or offline with the built-in browser.
  • Downloaded web links can be renamed to relative local files, allowing you to move the information easily to CD-ROM or another hard drive.
  • View the structure of a website. Online and offline site map.
  • Organize webpages and use Website Extractor instead of the standard browser if you want to surf the Internet faster.
  • Continue to browse to another site while the links are downloaded in the background.
  • Create an exact duplicate of a website on disk including its directory structure.
  • Browse pages and websites later when Internet connection is unavailable.
Website eXtractor
Website Extractor is one of the fastest known website downloaders available today


  • Website Extractor is one of the fastest known website downloaders available today.
  • Website Extractor gives you complete control over including and excluding downloads from individual servers, folders, URLs, and  files using  keywords.
  • Website Extractor can download many websites simultaneously.
  • Transfer whole websites to CD-ROM or floppy

    Another big benefit of the program is it changes html-links to relative names. In other words, it turns web addresses (URLs) into addresses that work on your computer.  This means you can easily move whole websites or information to CD-ROM, floppy disk, or to another hard drive.

    If you run a business, you could use this feature to put your website on to a CD-ROM or floppy disk and hand it out as an electronic brochure (saves money in postage rates). Researchers, writers, and journalists can easily archive reference material from the Internet.

    Website eXtractor is designed to download websites exactly the way you want them. You can include the parts you need or exclude the parts you don't need (from directory, domain, and file names; to types of files, their size, or any other properties).

    The program can download up to 100 files at a time, which saves you a huge amount of time compared to ordinary browsers. All data retrieved is stored in the directory you select and contains only the files and directories matching your filter instructions.

    Website eXtractor automatically lets you download any files that were not copied due to transfer errors or bad connections. The program is equipped to run through a proxy server and download only revised or new files, bypassing documents that have already been copied - again saving your time and money (especially if you're using a dial-up connection).

    Search robot

    Website eXtractor is essentially an intelligent search robot that navigates the hyperlinks of cyberspace and downloads the websites and pages you want to store on your hard drive. With Website eXtractor, you can:
  • Limit your search by domain types (.com, .net, .uk, etc.) by using the sophisticated filtering options based on a list of key words and other options.
  • Scan websites both online and offline (on your own hard drive) using the built-in browser.
  • Change html-links to relative names, allowing you to easily move information to CD-ROM, floppy disk, or to another hard drive.
  • Select the documents you download by type and name using the superb filtering features.
  • Set download depth for websites (you can choose to download only the first few pages of a site and weed out the material you don't need).
  • Website eXtractor is easy to use and can be configured to your individual needs. The program's user interface was engineered and designed after extensive consultation with user groups and by assessing their likes and dislikes.

    Let's sum up what features make Website eXtractor a top-of-the line, "can't do without"  browsing tool:

  • Ability to download a large number of websites to your PC, which means you don't have to click your mouse a hundred times or more when you want to save files in a folder or directory. (You can go and get a coffee and when you return all the files you need with be neatly downloaded into the folder of your choice - ready to view offline).
  • Conveniently browse graphic-heavy websites that take an eternity to load (no more frustration).
  • Great for viewing websites with photo albums or galleries. Even high-speed connections take a long time to download graphics. And, the truth is, viewing such sites is far easier when done offline.
  • Create databases from downloaded websites using the DB Maker program.
  • Make an exact copy of your own business or personal website and transfer it to the server of another provider - very handy feature for webmasters.
  • Click here to check out screenshots of Website eXtractor.

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